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General characteristics

According to the President’s Decree of 27.10.2015. UP-4761, Joint Stock Company "UZPAKHTAEXPORT" is a part of the "Uzpakhtasanoatexport Holding Company ".

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On measures for the organization Uzpakhtasanoatexport” main goals and directions of JSC "Uzpakhtaexport" are:

·        ensuring acceptance of cotton fiber, cotton processing enterprises supplied the cotton terminals, with the implementation of its strict and fair accounting and conduct laboratory studies of high-quality fiber characteristics;

·        organization-to-date system of storage of cotton fiber and other cotton products, preventing the lowering of their quality and losses;

·        systematic market research and regional situation in the world cotton markets and development, based on the emerging trends on them, proposals for improvement of cotton fiber sales system for export and domestic consumers;

·        organization, based on the situation on the world market, to enter into export contracts for the supply of cotton fiber and ensure their timely implementation;

·        ensuring timely settlements for exported cotton fiber to enterprises - producers and processors of cotton fiber in accordance with the signed agreements and contracts.

In addition to the above-mentioned, the company performs the following activities:

·        export-import transactions for goods and services;

·        intermediary services in foreign trade;

·        Development and implementation of measures for the development and introduction of new forms of foreign economic relations and cooperation with foreign countries;

·        Development and implementation of promotional activities, organization and participation in international fairs, symposiums, conferences, seminars and exhibitions, providing information and consultation of interested companies and organizations:

·        factoring, holding and investment transactions;

·        implementation of agent functions;

·        leasing and rental operations;

·        provision of paid services to legal entities and individuals;

·        trading and brokering;

·        the provision of the service, agency and marketing services to businesses and individuals;

other activities not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.